Saturday, 30 June 2012

Knowing Perfume for Women by Estee Lauder

Knowing Perfume is a deep, woody fragrance with a European sensibility.worldly and warm. Intensely feminine.
Created for the self-assured woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

Fragrance Type:
•    Floral,
•    Woody

Top Notes:
•    Rose
•    Tuberose
•    Mimosa
•    Plum
•    Pittosporum

Middle Notes:
•    Jasmine
•    Patchouli
•    Orange Flower

Base Notes:
•    Oakmoss
•    Vetiver
•    Sandalwood
•    Amber

Friday, 29 June 2012

Creed Silver Mountain Water Perfume for Men

 Legend perfumer Olivier CREED’s beloved, Silver Mountain Water Perfume evokes sparkling streams of water coursing through the snow-topped alps of Switzerland. A championship skier, Mr. CREED finds relaxation and renewal in this pure and bracing landscape.
It is bottle looks like a Swiss mountain topped with virgin snow.

Classification: Marine Green / Fresh

Characteristics: A refreshing infusion of green tea and black currants. As bracing as a pure mountain waterfall in springtime.

Top Notes: Bergamot, mandarin
Middle Notes: Green tea, black currant
Base Notes: Galbanum, musk, sandalwood, petit grain.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Glow After Dark Perfume for Women by Jennifer Lopez

 It’s a girls’ night out.They are wild, sexy and fun, just like a new fragrance by Jennifer Lopez. It’s for Glow After Dark was inspired by the feeling you get when you're out at a nightclub with friends, celebrating and enjoying the nightlife.

Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne Splash

Introduced in 1979, Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne Splash is a refined, subtle, oriental fragrance is classified as. This masculine scent of lavender, sage, jasmine, rose, amber and musk are a mixture.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Astor Place Eau De Parfum Spray

Our Mesmerizing New Astor Place Eau De Parfum Spray, inspired by the vibrant arts-and-style intersection of New York.

Violet Leaf, Mandarin Zest, Freesia, Red poppy buds, Orris (iris root), teakwood, Musk and Amber.

Calvin Klein Fragrance Collection

90 of the 80's and Calvin Klein perfumes in the concept of the public to the new definition, but they are hip and modern manufacturing. Soon to be wearing a CK fragrance, cool, and his innovative marketing and a great fragrance lines in the last 30 years to be one of the most popular lines in front of her scents.

Designer CK fragrance, with a strong emphasis on what defines him; you can see his representative, and women and perfume ads as it was the youthfulness and courage.

CK fragrance, he was royalty, and the growing equality between men and women in modern America, the inspiration for young unisex scents, such as the introduction of one of the leader of a new trend began to clean.

Calvin Klein Fragrance: